Hunter, Our First Family Pet!!

A couple of years ago, my wife expressed interest in getting a puppy. I asked her what kind of dog she wanted. She has a great interest in a Yorkie. In my head, I rolled my eyes as I've had previous experience with a puppy (Dog). I was not trying to do the work of training, feeding, and cleaning up after the dog. The first dog that I had when I was little was a Black Lab. His name was Primo. I was about seven years old, at least that is as far back as I can remember.


The next dog that we had was a Rottweiler. His name was Thor. Now, I have a real soft spot for Rottweilers as I believe they are beautiful dogs that are very loyal. However, a family incident with that breed has discouraged me from owning one. My wife is adamant that I am not to get one. Last year, I started the pet site Love Ya Pets. I started this site because of my love for pets. You could say I missed being a pet owner. I wanted to provide people with necessities for their pets.


My wife and I started looking for pets during the pandemic, but we couldn't find one. Then I found out that my Auntie knew of a Yorkie breeder. I  thought this would be perfect. I saved my little pennies. July 17, 2021, is when I went to pick up the puppy. I was preparing myself for a lot of work. The night before we got the puppy, we went to Ross to get food, a dog carrier, crate, water dispenser, and dog bowl.


The day of I picked up the puppy, on the way home, he pooped. I was not prepared for this, lol. I had some paper towels in the car and some wipes that we use for the kids. I scooped up the poop with a paper towel. It was squishy, yuck. I didn't have a bag to put the poop in, so I had to improvise because I didn't want to throw the poop out the window. I used plastic gloves to store the poop. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was.


When I arrived home, everyone was so excited. We named the puppy Hunter. We have been learning a lot about the puppy. The joy of taking care of our new family member has been fun! I have found that it is not as hard as I thought it would be.

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