Cat Tunnel Toy Bed

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Beautiful and practical cat tunnel nests, mats and tunnels are detachable. It is a combination of toys and beds. It contains sound paper and toys, which caters to the habits that kittens like to hide.


Foldable, easy to clean, does not occupy too many places, perfect for one or two cats play!


COOL DESIGN: beautiful and practical cat tunnel nest, the perfect combination of toy tunnel and cat bed, built-in sound paper and toys, Add more fun!


EASY TO USE: The thick bed and the wide tunnel are detachable and clean, and the exquisite bed curtains satisfy the cat's habit of hiding and increase the sense of security.


PRACTICAL: If you have two cats, this toy is perfect for you, they can play together better, of course, this is luxurious for a cat , Full of your love.


BEAUTIFUL: Beautiful Cyan Color, Multi-styles to choose from, Suitable for cats with different personalities.


FOLDABLE: Can be folded to save space, easy to carry, length 126cm* diameter 27cm* mat length 55cm