Electric Pet Dog Nail Grinder Painless Paws Grooming Trimming Shaping Smoothing

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Description:HOW TO USE:
Step 1: According to the pet's size and characteristics of their nails, choose the suitable port for your pet. Port 1 is suitable for medium-sized pets to grind nails; Port 2 is suitable for small-sized pet to grind nails; Port 3 (its side) it is suitable for large-sized pet and grinding fast.
Step 2: Holding nail grinder with one of your hands, switch on the nail grinder. Holding the pet pads with the other hand, put pet's nail gently into a hole, and then begin to grind the pet nail.

 Tips: If it is the first time for the pet to use nail grinder, it is recommended that the sharp fingernail or long wear parts should be grinded firstly, but not too much, avoid causing bleeding.
Avoid the Charred smell
1> Cut the pet’s nail at first, then grinds it.
2> When the drill is hot during grinding time, please stop temporarily. After cooling to restart.
For pet's safety, it should not be more than 5 seconds for one lasting time, and be aware to adjust the grooming angle to polish pet nails.
Open the battery from either side is more convenient.
Cleaning method:
Gently touch the surface of the nail grinder with eraser, paper or cloth to remove the nail powder on the nail surface
 Specification: - Volume: 5.4cm*2.5cm*3.5cm
- Net weight: 120g
- Material: ABS resin, PS resin, brass
 Package Includes: 1 X Nail Grinder